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About Birch Hill Grocery

The Kauffmans began selling groceries to their guests in the Birch Hill Hotel in the early 20th century at the heart of Presque Isle, providing lake essentials and good food to the local community. Since 1950 when they relocated the grocery just across East Grand Lake Road in the newly opened storefront and dairy bar, Birch Hill Grocery has been a staple of the Grand Lake experience, serving our grandparents, parents, us, and our children over the years. More than seventy years later, we are rededicating ourselves at Birch Hill Grocery to continuing the original intention: to provide good goods, extraordinary service, and the neighborly atmosphere that lies at the heart of our deeply special community.

Our Team

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Kris Fairey

Owner and Manager

Kris has been coming to Grand Lake since she was born, spending summer holidays with her parents and grand parents (Harryette and John Gund) and then with her own children on Crescent Island. Birch Hill was always a staple in the Grand Lake trip, providing good food from when it had a soda bar to serving pizza near the lake. Kris never liked leaving Grand Lake, so when the chance came to take over stewardship of Birch Hill Grocery and move to Grand Lake full time, she jumped on it. Kris is looking forward to making Birch Hill Grocery a community hub for those on the lake, whether you live here or you’re just passing through in the summer. She’s keen to provide good food and a friendly atmosphere, along with some yoga and a space to chill. If you see her around, make sure to say hello!

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