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The Living Room

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Kris's Library

For browsing and borrowing

Kris has accumulated the library in the Living Room over several decades on the basis of her academic program requirements, teaching and research needs, and mostly just plain curiosity. The books are arranged according to Kris's brain, a logic not necessarily apparent or accessible to others! Many of the books on the shelves include annotations and seemingly random inserts. Please respect the order and the contents while enjoying!


Community Gathering & Event Space

A place to meet up and hang out

Like so many people at Grand Lake, Kris remembers the Living Room in its original life as The Dairy Bar where she's sure she drank a milkshake and ate a sandwich with her grandfather. By the 70's, the Living Room had become a teenage/early adult hangout space with a pool/ping pong table, a juke box, and at least one pinball machine. The goal in The Living Room now is to recreate such a welcoming community space for solo, small group, and social gathering. Enjoy!

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