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Eric's Fudge Brownies

Eric's Fudge Brownies

Kris routinely made this Helen Corbett fudge brownie recipe for school friends so that baking them became nearly automatic. Later on, her oldest child, Eric, seemed to develop a chocolate addiction even before birth, and the chocolaty-er the better. The passion has lasted. So now whenever Kris makes these brownies, she thinks of Eric's passion for chocolate -- and for so many other of life's deepest riches, for that matter! Taste the joy.


One dozen 2.5" squares serves 12-48. Store in airtight container 7 days or 3 weeks in refrigerator. Freeze indefinitely.


Price includes USPS Priority Shipping and WIX payment fees (2.9% + .30). No sales tax assessed on non-Michigan orders.


Raaka© 70% baking chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, Mexican vanilla, flour, salt.

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